Growing QWVIPay into the preferred Digital Lifestyle SuperAPP

A Smarter Life!


QVWIPay combines tremendous payment capability with hassle-free ease of use and versatility. Our platform allows merchants and retailers to launch a digital wallet tightly linked to their core systems. User registration and KYC processes required to activate the wallet system are extremely easy. Once registered, users can easily send and receive money from the mobile wallet without using any bank services. QVWIPay wallets enable users to set up and manage personal accounts and perform transactions over the Internet – including via mobile devices and via magnetic stripe cards, private-label cards and near field communications (NFC) equipped devices.

Future-Proof your Business

Mobilize your business into the future by provisioning a secure alternative to cards and cash. The QVWIPay eWallet benefits are numerous. Paramount is security. Our safe, secure encrypted transactions drastically reduce fraud and theft. Setup is super easy and your customers instantly get all the Contactless benefits

Lower Costs

Make more money

Our processing fees are extremely competitive relative to traditional cards and other eWallets. Not only that payment processing now becomes radically quicker which is a huge plus for businesses with high transaction volumes.


end users

Enabling to register seamlessly, without going to bank branch, then spend wisely with one-stop solution
Monitoring expenses, identifying the favorite area on spending and instantly reaching the campaigns in the area of interest where the offers and promotions are viewed
Paying for purchases in installment splitting up a full payment into smaller bits and pay off at regular intervals over a set period
Enabling customers to manage coupons, loyalty perks gift cards with integrated loyalty programs and campaigns of Mobile Wallet ecosystem.

The Business

How it works?

  • QVWI Pay solution allows a bank to offer a Mobile Wallet on various mobile devices in a very short time.
  • Top-up from bank’s ATM network or wire transfers.
  • Mobile payments with NFC on Android phones and QR.
  • P2P money transfers in between wallet users.
  • Discounts, cash-backs and location-based campaigns.
  • Integrate with our APIs and accept all or some of the 100+ local payment methods we support.
  • Mobile-friendly wallet solution that improves checkout conversion, plus the option to add 1-Tap.
  • Our system will incentive and reward customers directly thereby increasing loyalty.
  • Digitalization in banking by providing new digital payment infrastructure for credit card, debit card and P2P transfers.